About us

Our main product is wooden racks for the transportation of windows and insulated glazing which we are producing continuously since 2008.

The direction of development of our company is the result of market needs and opportunities that we have or even our experience. All of these things makes our customers feel confident about their orders, they don't have to worry about untimely or bad execution of the order.

Our products are marked visibly with stamps containing the IPPC Certificate Number and the European Professional Company Number. We also trying to get the implementation of EU Certificates related to the Timber Supply Chain and related product markings in the international system.

Our products are produced from 4th class sawn timber, which allows to turn it into a full-fledged product thus contributing to the reduction of deforestation. Window packaging in this way helps to reduce the number of truck journeys, which do not have to go back for empty racks, as is the case with metal racks.

To find more about our products you should checkout our offer. Companies who place an order with us must always accept our terms and conditions of sale.