SI PLUS strona główna

Racks for transporting windows and glass

We have been producing racks for transporting windows and glass since 2008. The design of the stands was invented by us in connection with the needs of the market for a product that would allow the transport of windows and leave them together with the stand at the recipient abroad, so as to eliminate the additional transport of racks as is the case with metal racks.

Wooden racks are ecological product because they eliminate additional journeys of trucks and also for their production is used inferior quality material. Thanks to the design invented by us, a full-fledged product is created.

Convenient solution

We encourage our customers to resold the stands to customers as the cost of packaging. Thanks to this, the stands become an important element of the logistics system of our customers. Purchased stands should not be an additional cost but should be a strong argument for the marketing of companies.

A client who will find out how convenient it is certainly willing to pay for the stands. Packed racks go to the loaded construction windows often in such a way that they can be served without unpacking on certain floors. This is a huge saving of time, labor and equipment.

Loads can be freely the packaging of windows and glazing can already take place in the factory producing windows, providing the joinery with appropriate stickers according to the customers instructions. Stands are made according to the needs of the client according to his order. We make different exchangers, different types of stands including IPPC stands and stands for sea transport.